About Me

The past four years I have found myself through my creative expression, it was at one point through only singing and acting. As I grew older I became so enticed by my grandmothers love for knitting and sewing I saw it as a perfect opportunity to spend time with her, as she taught me the craft she had come to love.

This blog won’t only be about crafts or baking, but it sure was the fire that fueled my interest in beginning a blog.

I am always excited to meet new bloggers who share the same love as crafting, so please don’t hesitate to contact me. What a wonderful world we live in, where every corner of the world can be connected through the internet and the passions that drive us as individuals.

Everyday I find out something about myself that I didn’t know before, and I am intrigued at what the world has yet to bring me.

Tell your friends, and please follow! Thank you!


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hello. i agree! i have an idea for your website! you could make a videochat meetup and everyone brings their project and we all talk!

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